Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Baby Memory Book for the Geeky Parent

Finding out you are going to become a parent is a really exciting time.  A ton of emotions are pretty much par for the course and when they begin to settle, you'll begin to do a lot of research.  One form of research my wife and I did was buy pregnancy books.  We got the typical week by week pregnancy book that costs 60 bucks and weighs more than a newborn, plus I even got a few dad-centric ones as well.  Another type of book that is popular around this time is the baby memory book.  Your parents may have had one when you were younger and they typically document events in the pregnancy, birth, and first years of a child's life.  These books are usually pretty similar to each other and tend to play it safe when relating to the parents.  It doesn't matter if you're a 44 year old former punk rocker or a late 20's hipster, both can relate to those types of books due to the generic nature of the questions.  But what if you wanted something more specific for your child?  My wife and I are pretty nerdy in our interests (we even decorated our son's nursery in baby Star Wars decorations) so I was pretty excited when I learned about a new book that came out called The Geek Baby Book: A Memory Journal For Every Geeky First in Your Baby's Life by Tim Mucci.  I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy for review and I spent some time going through it for this post.  Is this the perfect memory book for nerd parents or should you continue to stick with the tried and true methods?  Well, let's find out.

The first thing I noticed when I received the book in the mail is just how nice of a quality it is.  The book cover is eye catching and the pages are all of a high quality.  Upon glancing over the first few pages, I was immediately smitten with the idea of documenting the nerdy firsts of our son.  The book begins by introducing itself and documenting something incredibly important - why raise a nerd?  The page jots down a few items on why raising a geek a good (such as the utter devotion to things we love and the communities we belong to and create) before going into rules that all geeks to understand (like using our powers for good, never evil.)  The intro will also cover naming your geek and introduces a random name generator using some of the more popular geek names in pop culture.  Some other pertinent information is included in the intro, including how to decorate a future geek's nursery, before leading directly into the page where you introduce your level 0 human and begin jotting down those first geeky moments.

Now, let's make that level 0 human
Over the following 80 pages or so, you'll be tasked with writing down information about your child in the memory sections.  These can be as mundane as first words, first smile, to the more...nerdy in nature.  Some of the more notable pages involved taking super hero quizzes and entering information onto a fantasy style map.  Rolling 2d6 to determine your child's stats made me literally laugh out loud at the absurdity and the fun this book would be to create.  The book has wonderful illustrations that run the gambit in covering geek culture and if you have ever spent way too much time enjoying a video game or read the entire Wheel of Time series, you'll appreciate a number of the pages for their attention to detail.  One thing I noticed while going through the book was that the author was most certainly a geek and had a sort of reverence for the source material.  The book is a great way to jot down memories of your child while also having a little fun.  I wish this book came out sooner in my child's life but my wife and I are certainly going to use it for our second child's birth (whenever that may come).  So, if you're in the market for a baby memory book and like things to be a little different, this book will fit that perfectly.  If your spouse insists on having one of those boring old memory books, this book can still work as a secondary memory book because of it's uniqueness.  The Geek Baby Book: A Memory Journal For Every Geeky First in Your Baby's Life is now available on Amazon in Hardback for $11.09 (as of this post going live) and for the money, you'r getting a really great memory book to share with your child one day down the road.

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