Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quick Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father's Day - Books

Father's Day is right around the corner. There are a number of things you can get dad this year, least of which is your time and love will, which will be most appreciated. But, if you want something small to get your dad/spouse before Sunday, I have you covered with a few last minute gift ideas. I was given the chance to review a couple books and heard about another that would make excellent last minute gift ideas for the dad in your life. So, whether you are shopping for dad or buying for yourself, these are a couple dad friendly books that will be a hit come Father's Day next Sunday.

Figure Fantasy by Daniel Picard
In Figure Fantasy, Daniel Picard has taken a childhood obsession of posing action figures and blown it up into real world environments. All children have a wild imagination that extends well beyond the plastic of our toys. Those toys were actors in a play of our imagination. As we got older though, reality sunk in and our toys because just toys and our wild imagination took a backseat to real life. Daniel wasn't content with this and instead decided to post life size like figures in real world scenarios. Each page contains an HQ picture of a figurine in some real life post. Whether it's the Joker shopping for a Batman Halloween costume, Superman lifeguarding in Malibu, or Harley Quinn taking a selfie in the mirror, each photo is excellently taken and is incredibly reminiscent of the imaginary battles from my childhood, only with a certain real life tilt that blends the line between imaginary and real life. This book comes highly recommended for anyone who likes things that are different or had a healthy (or unhealthy) obsession with action figures as a kid. Available at

Mike has a bunch of books that would fit this Father's Day list, but his most recent is just as good as his others. In Mike's book, you'll find a list of recipes that are both delicious to eat and fun to make. If you have a young child who has shown interest in the culinary arts or if you just want to give your husband/dad something to let him know his cooking could be just a little bit more awesome, Mike's book will do the trick. My son is only 19 months old, but as soon as he is old enough to really start helping in the kitchen, I will bust out this book and start making creations that are not only kid friendly, but enjoyable for the whole family (kid included!) This would be an awesome extra gift to pass along to Dad on Father's Day. Available at

Scott is a Dad Blogger that I have followed for a while now. A lot of dad bloggers tend to talk about parenting first and not focus on the work/life balance. Scott, on the other hand, does a great job of inserting his knowledge of paternity leave laws/news into his posts along with the raising a child with a full time job and I have always loved his blog ( for it. In his book, Scott takes the knowledge he has gained over the years of the family/work life balance and details how you can succeed in both work and home. It's not easy, but Scott has some good pointers to make the transition from no kid work superstar to family man work superstar with as little pain as possible. The book contains interviews and personal stories that show that you don't have to give up one life for the other to succeed, that a perfect harmony is possible and his book can help. Available at

These are just three books that I have checked into recently, but many others exist that would be perfect for Dad. Pick up one, pick up all of them, or pick up none - but make sure you do one thing - show dad the love he deserves this Sunday, Father's Day.

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