Baltimore Dads Group Officially Launches

CaptureOne thing I’ve noticed since having kids, at least personally, is that friendships become a lot harder to maintain. When you’re a working parent who puts in 50 hours a week at their job, comes homes to a family and routines, and then has to repeat this day after day – friendships take a back seat. It’s especially tough for working parents because the weekend becomes a cherished commodity that is measured in hours spent with family vs. exhausted recuperation from the week. I decided a few months ago to go out and look for groups of fathers who hang out with their kids together, but the offerings were small and/or religiously affiliated. I knew of the City Dads Group via friends online who run them in other cities, but I thought it would take a Herculean effort on my part to get the thing started, and with work, I was hesitant. Turns out, I was wrong. I decided to reach out to the City Dads Group and they have entrusted me with starting the brand new Baltimore branch of the City Dads Group.

So, what is a City Dads Group? In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of active dads who want to spend time with their kids while meeting other dads in the process. Upon starting up the group, I have launched our official Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account (although they are pretty small now, posts and pics will be coming to each). The main part of the group is the Meetup page though. Through the meetup page, I’ll be scheduling events at local parks, the Maryland Zoo, and other locations around Baltimore and the neighboring areas to allow dads to bring their kids and meet other local dads. We will also have dads night out events where we can hang out without the kids.

The group is still brand new and we haven’t had our first meetup yet. The first will be coming up shortly, but I have already seen a number of dads joining the group via the meetup page. It seems like there was a desire for something like this, but no one was able to find something that fit that special need. I hope that by bringing Baltimore Dads Group to the Baltimore Metro Area, I’ll be able to bring something beneficial to Baltimore dads and make some friends in the process. If you are a dad who would like to join, please head over to our Meetup page and sign up! If you know someone who may be interested, send them a link to this blog post or just sent to the meetup page directly. Links are below for all of our relevant pages.


Baltimore Dads Group Meetup Page:




City Dads Group Website:

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