Finding Time to Bond With Family #berrieseverywhere

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Cheerios for this campaign, but my words and opinions are my own.

One of the most difficult things for a working dad is to find time to bond with your kids. You go to work before they are awake, come home and you have an hour before dinner and then maybe one more hour until bedtime. Throw in the fact that you are mentally and physically exhausted and the task becomes that much more difficult. You’re not going to be on your game every night and sometimes you just want to lay on the couch and unwind. Other nights, you’ll have more energy and should use that to give you kids some one on one time. Either through a lightsaber battle, some imaginative play with toys, or my favorite – a board game. I’m not the best when it comes to imaginative play with action figures, so something structured is much more to my liking.

Games are the best way to get structured play (if the kid is invested) without having to use your imagination to play Kion chasing the hyenas out of the pride lands for the thousandth time. There are a clear set of rules and you and your child can bond over some really fun and creative games (and there are some super creative games out there.) If you’re having trouble scheduling time to have these one on one moments, try combining two events into one. Everyone eats, so try combining breakfast with a fun little game. I was given the chance to try out Cheerio’s new Very Berry Cheerios and I decided it would be neat to combine it with some of our quality game time. My son is already a big fan of berries, but they can be messy and don’t really lend themselves to family game night (or morning!) With Cheerios Very Berry cereal, you get the taste of berries, but in a cereal without the mess, and if you know my son, that’s a winning combination in our book!

What my son and I decided to do when testing out the new Cheerios was play some games he got for Christmas. First up was that electronic fishing game we have all played time and time again. Jack spent most of the game eating cereal, but we caught some fish and spent some quality time together. Surprised image above courtesy of my wife. That wasn’t the only game we decided to check out. Another game that Jack got from Santa was the “Yeti in my Spaghetti” game. I could explain to you what this game entailed, but let’s just check out a video of us playing it.

Being able to spend time with family while also taking care of of the morning breakfast routine is a win win in any parents book. It’s finding the time that can be difficult. If your morning doesn’t allow breakfast as a family like mine does, save it for the weekend. Or maybe set aside some time after work to sit with your child while they discuss their day with you. Sometimes that’s all a drained working parent can do, and that’s OK. Just make sure you switch it up and actually play from time to time, no matter how difficult it can be at times.

Family game night (or morning) is a ton of fun and you can tackle two things at once – eating and bonding over a fun activity. While combining games and breakfast is a winning combo in my house, you can pretty much mix your enjoyment of Cheerios Very Berry cereal with any number of activities. Take it from these other dads who enjoyed it in their own personal ways.


As you can see, enjoying a good breakfast and having quality family time doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. With Very Berry Cheerios cereal, you can do both and with time for the special bonding moments you child needs. Very Berry Cheerios are coming soon to a grocery store near you, and based on my kid’s enjoyment of them, they’ll be a huge hit for your family. If your kid loves berries like mine does, they’ll appreciate the taste of berries in every bite, as well as the one on one time you give them.

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