For the Love of Coffee – a Day in the Life of a Tired Gamer Parent

Being a parent isn’t an easy job. It may look like all smiles and kid friendly photos on Facebook, but in reality, kids complicate things. There are mainstream complications like finding a babysitter or the extra income required to raise children. Those are valid concerns when you have kids, but there are also the more creature comfort concerns. What about my free time? Or, in terms of something we nerd fathers lament, “What about my game time?” I won’t lie to you; your game time will suffer. Remember those days where you anxiously anticipated a video game coming out and spent the entire day on the couch playing? Yeah, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but those days are over. You’ll get your game time, but you need to be strategic and you may need a little help. The best times to get your gaming in are during nap time and when the kids are sleeping for the night. You may be concerned about the lack of sleep you’ll get to keep up with your hobby, but for that, I have a mythical elixir that will help you out: coffee.

I love coffee. I drink it in the morning, in the afternoon at work, and on some occasions in the evening when I need that little extra push to get things done at work or stay up for a late night gaming session with friends. I started out as a cream and sugar guy, but now I just drink my coffee black. Easier to prepare and allows to me to get right back to what I was doing. There are a number of coffees on the market, but for the ultimate parenting fuel with a great taste, check out Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend. With Folgers Coffeehouse Blend, you get the perfect coffee to wake up your senses before dawn to get some gaming in before the kids wake up.

But don’t worry if you enjoy your sleep and don’t want to miss out on your beauty rest. As I said earlier, there are other times you can get that precious gaming time in. Keeping up with the kids during breakfast time and the trips to the store or weekend excursion can be exhausting. That’s where coffee comes in. You can whip up a pot of coffee in your traditional coffee pot or use some other methods like a French Press, Cold Brew, or Iced Coffee. Regardless of how you take your coffee, Folgers Coffeehouse Blend is a medium-dark roast that will start smooth but leave you with a bold, distinct flavor that is perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying your favorite nerd experience.

Ahhh, feet up, with video games and my coffee

Without coffee, I wouldn’t be able to nerd to the best of my abilities and my game time would be spent tired or skipped altogether as I catch up on sleep. My go to time is before my son wakes up in the morning on the weekends when I can get some kid free time (wife free time as well since she sleeps in) and just playing my video games uninterrupted. It’s a wonderful time where everything is right in the world and it’s just me and my coffee vs. the horde of enemies I need to take down over the next hour or so. And if gaming isn’t your thing, that’s ok too. Maybe you enjoy board games or fantasy novels. These are all welcome methods of “nerding” in our household and with Folgers Coffeehouse Blend and a sleeping child; you now have everything you need to transport yourself to another world. Just make sure you do it quick, because before you know it, the little ones are awake and want to join you.

Enjoy that coffee quickly, because before long, the kid is up and ready to play!

With coffee in your life, you gain the parenting super power of being able to push through those rough mornings where you just want to shut your eyes and go numb to the world. Coffee allows me to not only be an attentive and caring father in the morning, but also to nerd it up when the kids go to sleep. Thanks to coffee, I know I can prevent my kid from destroying the living room with the energy of a thousand suns he wakes up with all the while preparing my mind and body for that precious few hours of sleeping child time when I can get back to the more refined pleasures of life – gaming. Because at the end of the day, if anything #ShouldBeOnACoffeeMug, it’s that Father Nerds Best…with coffee.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Folgers Coffeehouse Blend (and some free time to enjoy it) is the perfect gift to give to any dad, nerdy or otherwise. Throw some coffee in the pot before he wakes up and watch as he enjoys the next few hours of coffee and responsibility free bliss. Keep the Folgers Coffeehouse Blend stocked in the pantry and Folgers Coffeehouse Blend can be your new routine throughout the remainder of the summer. The coffee blend is so versatile that any method of creation will suit your needs. If you need some advice on how best to enjoy Folgers Coffeehouse Blend, be sure to visit their website at

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