Monday, August 19, 2019

Back to School with the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

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Back to school, no three words in the English language can elicit a wider range of emotions to both kids and adults. Parents long for the days of a quiet household without the steady drone of kids talking about how bored they are and kids worry about how schooling will affect their win/loss ratio in the latest Battle Royale game to hit the market. While the words elicit different emotions, one thing remains true for both parties - the desire for the student to get to and from school safely and in a convenient fashion. Enter the Quest Electric Scooter from Jetson...

The Quest Electric Scooter is a fashionable way to get around when you go back to school. This isn't your parents foot operated scooter, this is a technical marvel with a 250W hub motor that hit speeds up to 15mph! Engaging the motor is simple with a quick push off with your foot, and then a press of the thumb throttle. Before you know it, you'll be cruising around campus or the neighborhood with the wind in your hair. With a premium ion battery and a max range of up to 18 miles, you'll be sure to get where you're going and have a blast doing it as well. The LED heads up display also displays battery life, speed, and more so that you are always aware of just how fast you are going (and how much further you have to go.)

The LED lights are a great safety feature on the product

Safety is always a major concern for any parent, regardless of the age of their child. Whether your kid is going to be riding around the neighborhood or campus at night, rest assured that the Quest has you covered. With an ultra-bright LED headlight and tail-light, you'll be seen no matter when you decide to ride the motorized scooter. When you reach your destination, storing your Quest is as simple as folding it up. The Quest is meant to be taken with with as little hindrance as possible. The portable designs works well with back to school time as it can be stored safely away as your kid attends class. Plus, the sturdy tires are no flat and shock absorbing, so you'll get where you need to go comfortably.

With something as cool as a motorized scooter, you'd think this would only be for adults but it's actually suitable for kids over the age of 13. I wish I had one of these bad boys when I was in high school. Would have made getting to school a lot more fun instead of sitting in the backseat of my parent's car half asleep. Or even in college when I had time to kill before my afternoon class. Being able to travel swiftly from one area of the quad to the other would have been a breeze. 

The Quest folds up nicely for easy storage and portability

If you think a motorized scooter is something that your kid will love this back to school season, be sure to head on over to Best Buy or to shop Jetson Quest Motorized Scooters as well as other motorized bikes, scooters, and boards. With the large variety on offer, you'll be sure to find something that will be loved by your kid as they embark on one of the most daring adventures of their life...the end of summer vacation.

To get a good look at the wide offerings available, be sure to head on over to using the following link:

Please always remember to ride responsibly. The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Protective gear can be found at

Full shot of the Jetson Quest Scooter

This post is sponsored by Best Buy

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