About Me

CDXPrW8Q6szUcRjAnxtfY2gFTm0KHLiEMy name is Scott and I live in Baltimore, MD with my wife Reilly and my son Jack.  I decided to start blogging shortly after my son was born in late 2013.  I found myself visiting a lot of “dad blogs” and really enjoyed the community of like minded fathers who blogged about their journey into parenthood and decided I wanted in on that.  I decided to mix up two of my favorite things into one blog – my love of my son/my parenting and my love of all things nerdy.  What nerdy things do I like?  Video games, comics, sci-fi movies/novels, Star Wars, etc.  My son is already picking up my nerdy enjoyments (his favorite character is Chewbacca – enough said).  Besides all the nerdy stuff, I’m a huge Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens fan.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FatherNerdsBest

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/scottposey

As well as blogging on FatherNerdsBest, I also co-founded a video game site for parents called The Dadcade. Give it a read if that’s your thing!

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