Thursday, December 10, 2015

Amazon Finally Joins the 21st Century With AmazonFamily

If you're been a reader of my blog for a while, you probably remember the Amazon Family petition that a bunch of other dad bloggers and I pushed about a year ago. If you aren't familiar, Amazon had a program called Amazon Mom that allows you to get benefits for parenting products off of Amazon. Fathers like myself wanted this to be changed to Amazon Family, like it's called in pretty much every other part of the world. For some reason though, Amazon wasn't budging. Regardless of how many times we posted and called others to action, we didn't hear anything from the Amazon camp regarding this program's name change.

You might think to yourself, "Well, it's just a name." That's true, it is just a name and I'm sure there are statistics somewhere that say moms are the primary consumers of the program. But what about the households that don't have a mom? Gay couples, single fathers, etc. You may think it's just a name, but it's something that is antiquated in a world that is more accepting of changing familial roles. On it's own, the changing family unit in and of itself is reason enough for why the name needed to be changed, but never was. But there was another reason why a lot of dad bloggers felt it had to be changed. Oren Miller, the creator of a facebook group with ~1,000 fellow dad bloggers, created a petition in 2013 to have this name changed. Oren was a man who a lot of us looked up to and last year he passed away after battling lung cancer. He left behind a wife and two children and a group of dads who wanted to push this one symbolic thing to cement his legacy. Sadly, Amazon ignored all of our requests...until now.

Seemingly without any fanfare, the Amazon Mom page on has been re-branded to Amazon Family, just like everywhere else in the world. The Amazon Mom twitter page was taken down and a massive re-branding of the program is underway. You'll still find search results for Amazon Mom, but I'm sure that will be replaced with Amazon Family in time as the re-branding takes hold in all of the major search engines. This seems like such a trivial thing for people to get excited about, but for a group of dads who wanted to honor one of their own, it meant a lot. Amazon did a good thing in finally changing Amazon Mom to Amazon Family, I just wish it didn't take this much time to do the obvious right thing. This one was for you, Oren. #Dads4Oren

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