Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jack's First Big Snow Storm

Jack waiting for the snow
If you live on the East Coast, you're most likely painfully aware of the extent of damage that winter storm Jonas left us. Starting on Friday with the early flakes and continuing in the late hours of Saturday night, Baltimore, MD was rocked by a snowstorm, the likes of which it has never seen before. The total snowfall accumulation hit around 29 inches the last I checked, and we are still digging out from it. For adults, this means one thing above all else - shoveling. You never realize how much you hate shoveling until you are doing it multiple days in a row, for multiple hours each time. Want to feel old? See how you feel the next morning after a long day of shoveling, it isn't pretty.

Yes, being an adult in the snow can be a pain in the butt, but for a young two year old like my son, it was a more magical time. The wonder began on Friday with Jack anxiously awaiting the first sign of flakes. He has seen snow before, but never in the amounts that we were going to get hit with. The snow finally came and on Saturday, Jack wanted to go out and play. Since the weather hadn't let up, and the wind alone was brutal, we had to settle for some inside fun - and that was when my wife had the idea to bring the snow to Jack. Using a big square bowl, Jack was able to start playing with the snow, well ahead of the storm's completion. This held him over just fine until he was finally able to go out and play on Sunday.

Bring the snow inside!
When the snow finally died down and we were able to go outside and begin digging out, Jack didn't waste any time to start enjoying it. While Mom and Dad were busy shoveling and grumbling about the massive amounts of accumulation, Jack could be found running around the shoveled areas of the yard and sampling the various tastes of fresh snow. This is something he would do for the next couple days, until we finally had to yell at him because of dirty snow (which didn't have much effect). Shoveling out the driveway was back breaking work, but having a little helper on hand to lighten the mood and seeing his overall enjoyment of it made it better (if only slightly). In a way, it reminded me of when I was younger and the child-like joy snow brings. My wife used to be a teacher, and this was her first year seeing snow through the eyes of a non student/ gets old fast. The winter is still young, so I'm sure we'll see more snow. Hopefully we'll have time to spend more of our outside time playing rather than shoveling. In the meantime, we'll just have to hope we don't get hit with another 29 inches.

Helping Dad shovel the yard

What? How did you get over there?

Building a fort with Mom

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