Friday, February 12, 2016

Attending My First Dad 2.0 Summit

Before I became a father back in later 2013, I always knew I would love the role. For years I had thought about becoming a dad, but most of the time the fears of the unknown had overshadowed my excitement. When my son was born, I took the mantle of dad with a smile on my face and wanted to make the best of it. My journey into finding other fathers like me (excited, active dads) eventually led me to blog about being a dad, and further, to a community of dads on Facebook. I've been a part of that group for about 2 years now and the information and camaraderie I have gained from being a member has been instrumental in being a dad. One event that occurs every year that is incredibly popular within this group is the Dad 2.0 Summit. This is a conference of sorts where Dads from across the world meet in one central location to talk about social media, meet brands, and most importantly, talk about being a dad with other dad friends from across the internet.

When I learned that the Dad 2.0 Summit this year was in Washington DC, just an hour drive from my home in Baltimore, I had to jump on it. So, in a weeks time, I will be in DC with ~400 other dads as we discuss modern fatherhood and our ever changing role within it. I'm a little nervous since there will be a lot of big fish there. I'm just a small dad blogger who likes to talk about fatherhood and my nerdy interests. I co-run a parenting focused video game blog as well ( but some of these dads are big time with their reach and influence. Regardless, I'm looking at this opportunity as a worthwhile endeavor to not only grow as a blogger/social media presence, but to become a better parent for my son and a better husband for my wife.

The event is a 3 day long conference and when it's over, I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about here on FatherNerdsBest. I'm excited to finally meet a lot of friends I have made over the course of my two years of being a dad and even more excited for the possibilities of the future. Being a dad is the single most important job I have ever undertaken. Just like I take classes at work to bolster my performance, I'm viewing this conference as an investment in myself, my family, and the role that I play within it. Keep an eye on my social media accounts (linked below) for updates during the conference and after!



  1. Looking forward to meeting you in the reals!

    1. Same here! Can't wait to meet you and everyone else in the Dad Blogging community. It's going to be a blast!

  2. Also, how weird that my "Google" profile defaulted to a blog I haven't used in YEARS? So thanks for the memories!