Friday, March 11, 2016

Treating Deadly Childhood Diseases With Natural Remedies Isn't Just Stupid - It's Abuse


I've always been a very vocal supporter of vaccines. I think that anti vaxxers are not only uninformed, but delusional and are not only a danger to their own kids, but others as well. This doesn't include the parents who don't vaxx because of legit issues like allergic reactions, you guys suffer because of the latter. I'm talking about the anti vaxxers who went on Google, made a couple searches, idolize Wakefield, and don't vaxx because of that. Most of the world agrees with me on this, so I won't go into detail on that stance in this post. Instead, I wanted to talk about the recent news about the Canadian family who treated their child's meningitis with natural remedies, including maple syrup. If that's the first you're hearing about this, I apologize, this may ruin your afternoon. Basically, an anti-vaxx family from Canada saw their little boy begin to get sick. They did what most anti-vaxxers do and went to the internet to look for natural remedies. As their child got sicker and sicker, their treatment got weirder and weirder with homeopaths telling them use things like "maple syrup mixed with water and apple cider vinegar, horseradish root, hot pepper, onion, garlic and ginger root" according to a CBC News Report. It wasn't until their kids symptoms worsened further and he stopped breathing that they decided to seek medical attention, but it was too late. Poor Ezekiel died within 5 hours after arriving at the hospital.

The Stephan's are now on trial and I honestly hope they get a significant jail sentence with their remaining children relocated with family. This is child abuse, neglect, and every other word that can be thrown against a parent who is supposed to have their child's best interest at heart. The family even had the audacity to release a statement blaming the first responders for taking 40 minutes to arrive on the scene and not having "necessary equipment to support breathing for a small child." Let's forget about the weeks you spent feeding your child natural nonsense in the hopes that a treatable disease would go away on it's own. Instead, let's focus on the poor first responders who had to attempt to clean up your nightmare mess you left them after neglecting your child.

I think anti-vaxxers are misguided in their attempt to protect their child, but I never question their devotion to their children. Anti-vaxx parents, at the core, want the same thing pro vaccine parents want, their child's safety. We're not so different in our approach to protect our child, even if one side may ignore all popular science to do so. But I digress... The Stephans are another breed altogether. They are anti vaxxers who deny science, even when their child is suffering and dying. They shove nonsense natural remedies down their throat that may help with a common cold, but aren't going to do shit when it comes to a bacterial disease like meningitis. My blood boils thinking about the anguish that child went through in the final hours of his life, all because his parents "had negative experiences with the medical system" according to the CBC. These negative experiences caused them to ignore their child in pain and instead use Dr. Google to treat an otherwise treatable disease with pseudoscience.

We can't save Ezekiel, he is already dead. But what can be done is have these parents sent to jail for the crimes they committed against their child. What can be done is their remaining children can be protected from these monsters, lest they too suffer the fate of their brother if something horrible may compromise their systems. What can be done is an example is made for other parents: if you ignore science and put your kids lives at risk, especially with treatable diseases, you will be held accountable and your personal freedoms will be taken away. Our children look to us to protect them and when we go out of our way to ignore science, ignore the medical advances of the 20th century, and use pseudoscience to treat diseases, you can expect to be in a whole heap of trouble with the law. I anxiously await the verdict in this trial.

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